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Backflow FIRE testing services in
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Frisco is a part of Dallas- Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas. Frisco was voted #1 city to live in by the prestigious Money magazine. Frisco boasts outstanding public schools and public-private partnerships arrangements that bring high-level sports, art and technology. The Frisco Community Parade and The Frisco Fest are one of the many community events that bring the community together to celebrate.

The City of Frisco strives to provide uninterrupted water supply services. The potable water meets or exceeds all state and federal standards. But once the water enters the premises of an owner, it is responsibility of the owner to ensure that backflow does not occur.

What is Backflow in a water system?

Backflow simply put is water flowing in the opposite direction in a water system. This can occur due to Backpressure where the water pressure generated from a private system is more than the city’s water supply. Another cause is Backsiphonage which occurs when there is negative or reduced pressure is supply piping

Why is Backflow Prevention Assembly required?

Backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical device used to prevent backflow. All backflow prevention assemblies require a plumbing permit from the City of Frisco Public Works Department before installation.

Certain backflow prevention assemblies with test ports must be tested upon installation and thereafter annually by a licensed backflow tester. A fee, as stated in the fee schedule, per assembly, will be charged by the City of Frisco for annual inspections. This fee is in addition to any testing charges by the backflow tester.

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Prime Inspection offers diverse backflow testing services in Frisco. Many properties in the city of Frisco are required to perform annual certification. To comply with the city requirements in Frisco, contact Prime inspection. If you're looking for testing and installation of backflow assembly, Prime Inspection in Frisco area, is the only number you need to call. From friendly sales personnel and expert professionals to highly-trained and highly-skilled service technicians, the team at Prime Inspection, is ready to assist you in any way possible. We believe that our customers come first. Call us today to schedule testing, repairs or installation of backflow assembly.