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Prime Inspection Backflow FIRE services uses the latest tools and techniques to provide expert backflow repair and installation services to the entire Plano and Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. These tools help us complete the job efficiently and effectively. We take utmost care to maintain safety and hygiene. Our reliable customer support department is always ready to assist you in dispatching trained professionals. Prime Inspection Backflow FIRE Services is the right choice and you can count on us to provide urgent repairs and installations.

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Fire protection sprinkler system service and installation are important for safety and security. Fire sprinklers are designed to help control and contain fires, helping to reduce the risk of property damage and injury. Regular maintenance and service of the fire sprinkler system are essential to ensure that the system is in good working condition and all parts are functioning properly. Additionally, professional installation of the system is important to ensure that it is correctly installed and all components are correctly connected.

State Fire Marshal's Office of Texas issues an RME-G license which permits to plan, installation, maintenance, service, and certify all types and parts of a fire sprinkler system. The RME-G license is the highest level of certification for fire sprinkler systems, We, at Prime Inspection, have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of fire safety and sprinkler systems. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our fire protection services and how we can help you with your fire sprinkler system needs.


SCR-G is a type of fire protection sprinkler system. SCR G is a type of dry-pipe sprinkler system which is designed to detect and control fires in a low-temperature environment. SCR G sprinkler systems are typically used in warehouses, cold storage facilities, and other areas where the temperature may drop below a certain point. The sprinkler system works by automatically releasing water when the temperature drops below a certain threshold, helping to control and contain the fire.

As per State Fire Marshal's Notice, any contractor installing the pipe for the supply to the fire protection sprinkler system must be registered through the SFMO (should hold an SCR-G license) The SCR-G is a certification that is required for contractors to work with fire protection sprinkler systems. The certificate ensures that the contractor is properly trained and has the necessary skills and knowledge to install the system correctly and safely. It also establishes that a contractor is familiar with the relevant codes and regulations pertaining to the installation of the system. At Prime Inspection, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship.


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What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is used to monitor the reverse direction of water due to pressure fluctuation of a water system, so that the water does not flow in the opposite direction or ‘backward’ and contaminate the City Water system. If this happens, the water is not drinkable. Also the backflow testing makes sure that the contaminated water in not being sucked into the clean water system of either a home or a commercial building.

What are Backflow Testing Services?

Backflow testing services help monitor that the health and safety mechanisms installed in the building are in place and working to maintain water purity thru your installed backflow valves.
A backflow prevention device is generally installed to check dirty water to flow in the opposite direction. Each city and state have standard plumbing codes and testing services help monitor that these codes are adhered to.
If a backflow prevention device is in place, the backflow testing determines if the prevention device is working properly and/or if it is the right type of device for that particular building.

What is the Back Flow Testing process?

After engagement and formalities are completed, test can begin. There are two main purposes for the test to be conducted

  • 1. To check if there is a backflow
  • 2. To determine what is causing it and then repair it
Why is installation and regular inspection for repairs necessary?

Water systems in the landscape in homes or hotels or restaurants are prone to damage as they come in contact with dirt and mineral salts.
Most water systems have connection for water both for drinking and normal use. Backflow preventers, as the name implies, prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the potable water supply. Backflow can occur if there is a sudden pressure drop in the municipal water line. This could be caused by the opening of a fire hydrant for example. When the pressure drops on the supply side of a water system, water that is standing around a sprinkler head can be drawn back into the municipal water line, thus contaminating the potable water supply. Backflow preventers keep this from happening.

Why Prime Inspection Backflow?

Prime Inspection Backflow in Plano, TX has a team of trained testers who are licensed and highly experienced in installing, testing, repairing in both residential and commercial buildings Backflow valves.
We have experienced staff: We employ highly trained and experienced technicians from all over the country. They are capable to handle all types of backflow systems. We provide regular training sessions so that they are ready to handle to tackle any type of installation and repair of backflow testing system.


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